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Chocolate sweet hearts. Congratulations Jess and Scott !

I had the absolute honour to make chocolates for my sisters wedding.

I created my number one Chewy Gooey Caramel and my delicious Crispy Hazelnut Praline.

The chocolates were enjoyed by all so much so that I hear some were stolen and replaced with bread by some mischievous guests :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me in the process from  sticker designs to storage,  transportation,  folding boxes and taste testers.  It was a real team effort.

Please enjoy these photos !  living the dream  # dreamjob

Let's get started

Let’s get started

chocolate rock and roll

Chocolate rock and roll

Fun folding boxes

Fun folding boxes

coming soon with chocolate

Boxes ready to go

on the table

On the table



guess who

guess who

 et voilà

et voilà !

Carl testing my work

Carl testing my work

there is still more

Final detail

 Thank you Jess & Scott

Thank you Jess & Scott


Montréal Chocolate Academy

As some of you might know I have been traveling in Canada, during my travels I took some time to study  at the chocolate academy in Montréal I had a wonderful time at this state of the art facility. I attended two classes with Sergio Shidomi.

The first class was experimenting with colours, decorating techniques, and the second was to create a chocolate showpiece.

Here are some photos from my time at the academy.

Purple cocoa butter spray

Purple cocoa butter spray










fantastic colours

fantastic colours





my chocolate showpiece

My chocolate showpiece



Is it a boy ??? or is it a girl ???

Here are some chocolates I made for a baby shower








Recent Work

Hi all here is some of my recent work

IMG_3146 IMG_3147

White chocolate Coconut ganache and Lime Jelly

 Hazelnut Praline

 Red Gum Honey ganache and Almond Croccante

Choowy Goowy Caramel


Forget the egg here’s the Chicken !

 Hi all, check out these chicks!

These beautiful chocolate chooks are all hand painted and made using the best quality Belgian chocolate.

They are approximately 100g  9 ½ cm long and 8 ½ cm high

I have very limited stock available for pick up only.

$ 9.00 each

please send me a message  :)

That’s all folks I am sold out. All chickens have flown the coop sorry to those who missed out, better get in faster next time !   

Indulgence Day Sale Saturday 23rd November !

Hi all , just letting you know that my chocolates will be available at the Indulgence Day Sale ! Please come down and say hello there will be something there for everyone !  Here is all the info


Laura Loves Chocolate, The Original Cupcake Co & The Quilting Bug.


Handmade Specialty Chocolates from Laura Loves Chocolate  

Hand Dipped Hazelnut Praline: crunchy caramelised hazelnut praline dipped in milk chocolate.  

 Caramel Swirl : Milk chocolate swirl filled with the most luscious-chewy-gooey caramel ever.

Itsy Bitsy Frogs: white & dark  mini chocolate frogs with chocolate spots and strips

Delicious cupcakes made from scratch with top quality ingredients and lots of passion from The Original Cupcake Co 

Large range of flavours  

 Vanilla, Chocolate , Peanut butter & jelly,  Pumpkin,  and  Salted Caramel  just to name a few favourites .   

Patchwork & Quilting Sale  with The Quilting Bug 

Pre-order your rulers, mats, cutter, etc 

Pick up great fabric & quilting specials !  – check out the website 


Saturday 23rd November  9am – 5pm


Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre
5 Sargood Street, Altona

Thank you to all who attended  the sale here are some photos from the day



Chocolate Events

Hi all, here are some photos from past chocolate events I have held.

Chocolate festavel 2010

Chocolate festavel 2010

Chocolate, Quilting & Cupcake show 2013

Chocolate, Quilting & Cupcake show 2013

Chocolate, Quilting & Cupcake show 2013

Chocolate, Quilting & Cupcake show 2013


Watch this space for updates on the next event !

Chocolates to be won !

To celebrate World Chocolate Day I would like to spread the love. Please help me ! I need 19 more likes to make it to 100. Over 100 would be even better the last new like at 9.00pm tonight will win a free pack of my chocolates sent to your door !!! So start spreading the love people ! If you are lucky, your friend might share the chocolates with you 😛

Coconut & Lime, Hazelnut Praline, Caramel Swirl and Strawberry Heart.

Coconut & Lime, Hazelnut Praline, Caramel Swirl and Strawberry Heart.

Chocolate Strawberry Sweethearts

Zoe, Simon and I had a fun filled day. We made wonderful dark chocolate hearts filled with a white chocolate strawberry ganache. Later we also made some yummy dark chocolate peppermint truffles. Zoe and Simon got involved painting the chocolate moulds and rolling the chocolate truffles. It was a heart felt birthday surprise for Zoe with a sweet end to the day.  Happy Birthday Zoe !

“The chocolates were beautiful, Zoe really loved them and so do I.  Delicious Om nom nom 😛  The peppermint is so nice. 😀 yum ! ” – Quote from Simon


Zoe & Simon with the sweet chocolate hearts

Zoe & Simon with the sweet chocolate hearts











Zoe and I

Zoe and I

Zoe and I rolling truffels

Zoe and I rolling truffles








woooo chocolate hands

woooo chocolate hands






Simon giving it a roll :)

Simon giving it a roll :)








The lovely chocolates !

The lovely chocolates !

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Truffle

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Truffle













Chocolate Love In The Air

Love was in the air in todays chocolate class, this belated valentines gift was worth the wait.
Today Chloe, Ryan & I made decadent dark chocolate hearts filled with a white chocolate strawberry ganache. we tried two different decorating techniques by painting with cocoa butter and pipping with white chocolate. It was a fun filled morning with a sweet reward at the end.

Me Tempering

Chloe Painting the mould to make them look pretty !

Myself and Chloe making pipping bags.

Chocolate Rain

Chloe and I showing off our mad pipping work !

Chloe with the chocolates :)

Chloe and I

Ryan with the chocolates :)

The Lovely Love Heart Chocolates !