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Recent Work

Hi all here is some of my recent work

IMG_3146 IMG_3147

White chocolate Coconut ganache and Lime Jelly

 Hazelnut Praline

 Red Gum Honey ganache and Almond Croccante

Choowy Goowy Caramel


A Chocolate Lover’s Blog

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog, my name is Laura.  I’m a slave to the cocoa bean! … And I’m simply powerless to resist it.  I’m someone who can be described as creative and artistic.

I am extremely passionate about chocolate… that means everything from the history, the making and especially the eating.  Chocolate is my life – I eat it, dream about it and work with it!!  I have worked in just about every chocolate shop and factory in Melbourne.   I have been a judge in chocolate competitions and ran my very own chocolate festival.  I am a teacher and am always seeking the latest ideas, techniques & new uses for chocolate.  I hope to keep the world up to date with my journey in the chocolate world and hopefully inspire, guide, share and grow with people like me who have full respect and love for the cocoa bean!!