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Mysteries Behind The Macaron!

On February 2nd 2013 I had the pleasure to teach David & Geraldine the mysteries behind the Macaron! We made a decadent dark chocolate macaron and a sublime salted caramel. It was a very enjoyable day with lots of fun and laughs along the way. After lots of fun and hard work, we ended up with a great result. The texture and flavour combining to create the perfect macaron!






da dar !

The Macarons

Epic Chocolate Adventure Part 3

Hi all here are some more photos from my Epic Chocolate Adventure i have left the best till last these photos are my favourites I hope you enjoy them to.

Choccywoccydoodah !! London

Till death do us part

Just Beautiful

Paul A Young !!!

Love this one ! its the best !

Yum ! what a great display !

found a nice place named ” Sketch “

more from sketch

So now come the photos from my meeting with Willie Harcort Cooze ! I felt so privileged to visit his factory it is something I have been wanting to see for a long time Willie Harcort Cooze, has been an inspiration to me and to have this opportunity, to visit the factory was something I will never forget. Thank you Willie

chocolate conching machine

Me in the factory !

cocoa bean roasting machine

The Bible

The end of my adventure.. Me and Willie Harcourt-Cooze

Epic Chocolate Adventure Part 2

You said you wanted to see more photos of chocolate I found on my adventure, so here are some from France, Bruges & Brussels

Look at these beauties

Wonderful chocolate box from Jeff de Bruges

YES this is the original Wonka Bar used on the set in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

mmmm what one do you like the clam, mussel or shrimp ?

Epic Chocolate Adventure Part 1

Hi all, I am back in Oz and what a trip I have had, going to all the chocolate hot spots.
I went on a 3 hour chocolate and pastry walk in Paris, Browsed all the chocolate shops in Bruges
and went to visit Willie Harcourt-Cooze below are some photos from my adventure.

First stop on the chocolate tour La Maison Du Chocolat

The great Pierre Herme

Our tour guide, some of my new found chocolate buddys and myself doing our best ” french chocolate snob pose ”

Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier

So excited !!! absolutely love Patrick Roger

I have had a dream for a long time visit Patrick Roger’s shop in Paris. The photo’s do not do justice compared to being there walking into the cool chocolate air and being surrounded by his beautiful creations

Jerome Landrieu’s Chocolate and Pralines Class

I just spent the last 3 days with Jerome Landrieu director of the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in chicago, he was in Australia for the first time. I participated in his chocolate and pralines class, I learnt a wide range of new techniques, flavour combinations and textures. An excellent teacher and a excellent class, it was a privilege to be a part of it.

Le Tour De Chocolat !!

It is happening people !!! In a weeks time I will be globe trotting off to explore the world, and along the way sample some of the worlds best chocolate :)

My journey will take me to Paris where I will enjoy a three hour chocolate and patisserie walk around the city streets.
I will journey to Bruges and Brussels to visit their chocolate boutiques and will be travelling to Edinburgh. As my journey comes to a close I will be going to London where I will once more meet Mr Willie Harcourt-Cooze. I will be sure to take heaps of photo’s and will post them on my return

bye for now

Easter is coming I better hop to it !

Well hello my little chocolate lovers, sorry it has been so long since I last wrote.
I have been below ground and found these little bunny’s hopping around ! they told me of a time to come. A time filled with chocolate eggs and lots of fun. so we better hurry and not miss out. Stay tuned for more chocolatey goodness without a doubt !

Little Dark Bunny's

Little Dark Bunny's , Eggs & Dark Bunny Lolly Pop's

Dark Bunny Lolly Pop

Little Bunny with Egg

My Little Dark Bunny’s now have some Little Milk Bunny friends !

Little Milk Bunny's & Milk Bunny Lolly Pop's

Little Milk Bunny

Milk Bunny Lolly Pop

The Art in Chocolate

Hello chocolate lovers!! I thought you might like to have a look at some of my art work.

My art work in chocolate !


Abstract Chocolate Showpiece.

This abstract sculpture Is made completely of chocolate it took 2 days to make, it is hand crafted showing a range of different techniques and finishes. For example, the metallic ball and the granite block. Both of which are made of solid chocolate.The cocoa pod, baubles & flower are the only hollow components. The flower is created petal by petal, made from white chocolate. The total weight of the showpiece is 6,340kg it stood approximately 1 metre high it has no structural supports inside and is completely free standing. Hand crafted by artisan chocolatier Laura Marion

Mocambo the Dragon.

This dragon is made completely of chocolate dark & white, the dragon took 8 hours to make, and is sculpted by hand her name is derived from a rare species of cocoa plant Native to Central and South America. Hand crafted by artisan chocolatier Laura Marion

Easter Bunny Centre Piece

Easter Bunny Centre Piece

Easter Bunny Centre Piece

This little bunny lolly pop holder is complete with runny easter eggs .

A peek into the world of High Tea & Tiffins

Recently I have had the pleasure of experiencing two of the best high teas Melbourne has to offer.

The first being at the Langham and the second at The Hotel Windsor.

The Langham Chocolate Indulgence afternoon tea at the Langham’s famous Chocolate Bar is by far only for the brave of heart. The Langham offers an indulgent spread of chocolate treats and souffle’s to die for.  If you are a true chocolate lover you will not be disappointed.   The highlight of this experience is the personalised souffle making that is hand delivered to your table. You can sit and literally watch the souffle rise before your eyes and even meet the maker chef Markus Bohm. I can honestly say that I left this high tea truly satisfied.

The Hotel Windsor High Tea is for those who love luxury, grandeur and the traditional touch that only The Hotel Windsor can bring. The traditional tiffin of sandwiches, scones and savouries  is served with sparkling wine, tea or coffee but we all know that a high tea is not complete without an array of sweets.  With crepe suzettes served hot from pan to plate and the in house home made ice cream it is a splendid affair not to be missed.

I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences and would highly recommend you attend one if not both. Before signing off a tip for those new to high tea – an empty stomach and appetite is a must!

Until next time,

The chocolate bar at the Langham

Chocolate chip and passionfruit souffle

Chef Markus Bohm & myself

The Hotel Windsor

What to choose???

A lovely array of sweets

Thoughts in France

For the past three days my head has been miles away and my eyes fixed on The World Chocolate Masters competition. there has been some seriously hard core choc  going on !! It was held in Paris at “Salon du Chocolat Professionnel” from 19th until 21st October 2011. The theme for this year was “Cacao, the gift of Quetzalcoatl”

Quetzalcoatl was the most important god of the Aztecs, and the legend is that it was his task to bring cacao to the Aztec people. he was a god that was depicted as a  “snake with feathers”

I have been following the competition from the start. I was awake until 3am on Saturday to watch the final on the live video stream! The competition had 19 contestants all had to produce the following creations:

  • A large artistic chocolate showpiece
  • A hand dipped praline
  • A chocolate pastry
  • A gastronomic chocolate dessert
  • A chocolate Aztec necklace
  • A moulded praline


All the contestants did a fantastic job there was representatives from all corners of the globe including our very own Seung Yun Lee from Australia (she came in 4th place overall) a very good effort in my opinion. The top prize went to Frank Haasnoot, representative of the Netherlands. Well done to all! What a fine display of skill & talent it was!

To all interested and those who missed it please take a look at the highlights at

Until next time choc on people!


Frank Haasnoot, representative of the Netherlands

Seung Yun Lee  representative of Australia